In a Sea of Voices


Welcome to the Conservation Voices Namibia blog everyone!

The  global conservation community is growing at an exceptional rate with diverse fields. Young conservation voices often get lost in the ocean of research and publications being done by subject specialists and established conservationists. This blog was created to give a voice to emerging Namibian nature conservationists. This is OUR journey, OUR thoughts, and OUR experiences finding our way into the increasingly competitive conservation world.

But how did we (the authors) get here…

Our journey started at the Polytechnic of Namibia (now NUST) in the capital, Windhoek. Lori and Herman met in 2012 when they started their Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management and Matthew and I joined in 2013. We completed our Bachelor degree in 2015 and Honours in 2016. During our studies we had numerous opportunities to travel throughout our home country and internationally. We had a minimum of 2 excursions every year, and each excursion was to a different part of the country. It felt like being tourists in our own country, amazing!

We are all Namibians, but come from diverse backgrounds. Lori is from the misty coastal town, Swakopmund, and I was also born there, but grew up in Windhoek. Matthew was born in Oranjemund, a small coastal town in the far south-western corner of Namibia, but lived most of his life in Windhoek. Herman is from northern Namibia, he was born in Ombafi and grew up in Ontoko.

We all had one thing in common though: a love for the natural world. The diverse fields that support conservation is unquestionably reflected in the people who are drawn together by the common goal of protecting the natural world.

Currently we are pursuing Masters degrees in various fields, which will also take us to all corners of the country and beyond.

Join OUR journey here ♥

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