Zebras, springbok, and treacherous two-tracks

A dull metallic thud resounded in quick succession on the canopy of the Toyota Hilux that I was driving.  I quickly brought the car to a complete standstill -- the thumping was the signal from the observers, standing on the back of the car, that they had seen animals. “Mountain zebra”, called one of the … Continue reading Zebras, springbok, and treacherous two-tracks


The Wet Underworld of Namibia

It was the beginning of winter in Namibia, but one did actually feel it in Central-Northern Namibia.  In comparison to where I live in Windhoek, the temperature felt like that of early spring or late summer.  But it did not matter really, because, in June 2014, I found myself working mostly beneath the ground surface … Continue reading The Wet Underworld of Namibia

Desert, dirt roads, and side-tracks

Greetings! Just recently we went on a journey to Namibia’s arid north-west Kunene Region, and I thought it would be worth the while to explain how what we did is part of the uniqueness of conservation in Namibia.  Currently I am working for NACSO (Namibia Association of CBNRM Support Organisations; CBNRM itself stands for Community … Continue reading Desert, dirt roads, and side-tracks


Introductions: Matthew

Greetings!  My name is Matthew Walters and I am a current Masters student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).   As my colleagues can sympathise, one cannot go through the conservation world without knowing a bit of everything, so my last four years have shown quite a variance in what I chose to … Continue reading Introductions: Matthew