Zebras, springbok, and treacherous two-tracks

A dull metallic thud resounded in quick succession on the canopy of the Toyota Hilux that I was driving.  I quickly brought the car to a complete standstill -- the thumping was the signal from the observers, standing on the back of the car, that they had seen animals. “Mountain zebra”, called one of the … Continue reading Zebras, springbok, and treacherous two-tracks


Namibia’s Ephemeral rivers – oases in a parched land

Figure 1. The //Huab River flowing west in March this year. Namibia is one the countries with very few perennial rivers – five in this case. They are all found on its borders and there is no inland perennial river. The country is however dissected by numeral seasonal and ephemeral rivers that only flows after … Continue reading Namibia’s Ephemeral rivers – oases in a parched land

The Wet Underworld of Namibia

It was the beginning of winter in Namibia, but one did actually feel it in Central-Northern Namibia.  In comparison to where I live in Windhoek, the temperature felt like that of early spring or late summer.  But it did not matter really, because, in June 2014, I found myself working mostly beneath the ground surface … Continue reading The Wet Underworld of Namibia


Desert, dirt roads, and side-tracks

Greetings! Just recently we went on a journey to Namibia’s arid north-west Kunene Region, and I thought it would be worth the while to explain how what we did is part of the uniqueness of conservation in Namibia.  Currently I am working for NACSO (Namibia Association of CBNRM Support Organisations; CBNRM itself stands for Community … Continue reading Desert, dirt roads, and side-tracks